Continuing A Journey Through Fez

Chapter Two: Hunting for Textiles

For those who are wondering why I traveled to Fez, it’s because my job requires me to.  Not bad, right?  I have a Vintage Textile Studio located in Los Angeles called Kneeland Co., and I source vintage prints and textiles from around the world to be sold to fashion and interiors companies.  I travel to different countries hunting and gathering some of the most exquisite and rare pieces that can be used for design inspiration.  But as glamorous as it sounds, it’s a lot of hard work.  Searching high and low for the best sources, negotiating price, and having to schlep all that stuff back can be tiresome.  But I LOVE the thrill of the hunt and there is nothing that excites me more than finding something incredibly beautiful that I haven’t seen before.  Morocco is a good place for that, as you’ll see below.

 Total beauties, right?

This is a shawl made in the Berber villages of Morocco

A table covering made of silk thread

Weaving pillows and blankets

Loved the embroidery on this old skirt

Beautiful colors

This is a very old textile made for a pillow.  I love the transition from the black background to the red.

There is so much inspiration in each of these pillows.  This is the back of one - amazing stripes!  The front side is covered in fringe and sequins.

Stay tuned for more! - Joanna

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