You You You You

It's been raining in Los Angeles for five days and counting!  Very peculiar, yet appreciated...
Check out our new winter video featuring the 6ths "You You You You".
If you're not familiar, the 6ths is a band lead by creative force Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields...it really suits the rainy day weather and our anticipation of the holidays creeping up on us.  Have you finished your holiday shopping already?


Cape Crazy

As you all know, we love to shoot videos of our collections and we always have an amazing time doing it! The full video will be posted soon on our website's video sectionIn the meantime, here's a few video still of our model wearing our exclusive leopard cape, and our camel hooded cape from the latest shoot. Enjoy!

Incidentally, one of our favorite bloggers, Rebecca from  The Clothes Horse, posted some super cute pictures of  her wearing the same hooded cape!  Her look is so effortless, love the red hair too...

Happy Friday! Love,



One of the Twelfth Street girls, Rachel, just got back from a vacation in Bali, where she visited temples, played with monkeys, and read by this breathtaking infinity pool:

She brought back these great hand-woven ikat fabrics. 

So pretty! 
Between my trip to Europe and Rachel's vacation in Bali, it seems like Twelfth Street girls are taking over the world

Love, Cynthia



Next, on a whim, we went to Frankfurt to stay with my friend Farah and Philipp and meet their son Anton for a few days. Really the most amazing and talented design couple. Philipp is one of the geniuses behind German design and architecture collaborative e15.

Here's my newest e15 lust... I can't wait to get these tables for my house. They are everything I love, the melding of old world and modern... To learn more about e15, visit their website here

Philipp and I stopped by a party in honor of the opening of "Not in Fashion", an exhibit of fashion and photography in the 90s at MMK: Museum fur Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art) in Frankfurt. 
One of the photographers whose work is being featured in the show is Mark Borthwick, who has previously collaborated with Philipp and e15 on various projects. 

Here's Mark serenading us at the opening party.

Check out some of Mark's work here and learn about his collaboration with e15 here.
I love seeing the ways in which creative and talented people manage to toe the lines between art, design, fashion, and functionality!

At the party I saw the most amazing wall of records, organized by color (which is all the rage in interior design right now). I wonder how they find their records...

They are German, after all... so I suspect some sort of map or key is involved.

And of course, no visit to Germany would be complete without...

PROST to the weekend!



The scenery looked like it was straight out of The Sound of Music. Doe a deer...

Pictures from my friend Eva's family home, they used to own a pharmacy.
My daughter loved the "goldglimmer"... I rightfully told her it was fairy dust. 

I loved the cementary.

Someone must have been chopping for days to get this big of a pile of wood

The Alps were breathtaking and our stay there was truly enchanting.
Watch for the next post- after the Alps we headed up to Germany

Love, Cynthia



Lugano is near the Swiss-Italian border, so of course we had to have some delicious pizza.

Fresh mozzarella and basil!

Loved the Missoni Pellegrino...

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather throughout our stay, too
Switzerland was so beautiful. 


Back by popular demand

The rest of the photos from the photo booth at our Bloomingdales event a few weeks ago



I've just gotten back from a trip through Europe and I am excited to share photos and stories of my favorite places with you!
Our first stop was Milan, always such a gorgeous city and of course an excellent place to shop!

Aspesi is one of my favorite stores.
Here are some of the cool toys and trinkets they were selling. But even more interesting to me was the space itself.

Everything, from the layout and furnishings to the display, was so inspiring! A definite must-see when in Milan.
Visit Aspesi's website here.

Another store I visited, which everyone knows and loves, is of course Corso Como 10.

I got these amazing Ferragamo shoes there- archive reissue 30s brought back in an exclusive collaboration with Corso Como 10- I had to have them.

So gorgeous. I also took a few snapshots of the interior of Corso Como 10:

Visit their website here.
Milan was unbelievable, and had by far the cutest taxi drivers out of any city we visited.
But it was only the first stop on our trip, so check back because there are more posts about my trip to come! 


An email I got today...

I got this email today... it literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks Jos, the sweater looks amazing on you!

"If I get divorced you are going to be the reason. The papers would cite "Purchases way too mucCynthia Vincent".  Just went to Bloomingdales and bought the sickest sweater by CV. It's RIDICULOUS!!! Vintage, Ethnic & Navajo inspired. Today I wore it with a simple T-shirt, skinny jeans and short combat boots. This sweater is INSANE ! xoxox Jos"

Post a picture of you in your favorite Twelfth Street piece! 


Lost & Found

We found some more photos from the event we had in August at the new Bloomingdales in Santa Monica!

That photobooth was so fun. Check out the other shots we took on facebook!


Waves of Sound

On August 29, Some friends and I went to see the Chemical Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl. They put on an unbelievable show. The visual effects (which are apparently from a DVD that will come with their new album) of giant, close-up sound waves were amazing. It's inspired me to do a print based on sound waves... what do you guys think?

Also, check out this video of the entire concert that someone posted on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SarsV5fpA4g