Back by popular demand

The rest of the photos from the photo booth at our Bloomingdales event a few weeks ago



I've just gotten back from a trip through Europe and I am excited to share photos and stories of my favorite places with you!
Our first stop was Milan, always such a gorgeous city and of course an excellent place to shop!

Aspesi is one of my favorite stores.
Here are some of the cool toys and trinkets they were selling. But even more interesting to me was the space itself.

Everything, from the layout and furnishings to the display, was so inspiring! A definite must-see when in Milan.
Visit Aspesi's website here.

Another store I visited, which everyone knows and loves, is of course Corso Como 10.

I got these amazing Ferragamo shoes there- archive reissue 30s brought back in an exclusive collaboration with Corso Como 10- I had to have them.

So gorgeous. I also took a few snapshots of the interior of Corso Como 10:

Visit their website here.
Milan was unbelievable, and had by far the cutest taxi drivers out of any city we visited.
But it was only the first stop on our trip, so check back because there are more posts about my trip to come! 


An email I got today...

I got this email today... it literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks Jos, the sweater looks amazing on you!

"If I get divorced you are going to be the reason. The papers would cite "Purchases way too mucCynthia Vincent".  Just went to Bloomingdales and bought the sickest sweater by CV. It's RIDICULOUS!!! Vintage, Ethnic & Navajo inspired. Today I wore it with a simple T-shirt, skinny jeans and short combat boots. This sweater is INSANE ! xoxox Jos"

Post a picture of you in your favorite Twelfth Street piece! 


Lost & Found

We found some more photos from the event we had in August at the new Bloomingdales in Santa Monica!

That photobooth was so fun. Check out the other shots we took on facebook!