a million beautiful parts

as a child my father aways had a million parts
to what seamed like absolutely everything
in his work bench drawers
these images speak to  this and the urge to see how things
are made.
the graphic beauty of these images I find so inspiring.

P.S. I will find the Artist name so I can give him the proper credit.
I came across these images
The Artist is Todd McLellan.

thank you Amie Festa


A real Modern Gypsy

this was a post from Gabby just over a year ago
  how do I still love this and how
do I love her profile description

Global citizen.
 Photographer wannabe.
 Living the extremely difficult
 incredibly blessed life of a gypsy.
 (currently in Berlin, Germany)
 Hop on my caravan! xxx
                                          the "Gypyset" herself   I'm on ..................




I am

I am obsessed with pursenbootsblogspot.com
as oh so many of you are too.
taking modern liberties I am
stealing (re-posting) these images from P&B
they make me smile and now I don't fell like such a voyeur

                                          sweater and dresses twelfth street by Cynthia Vincent

childhood memories

I love these images.

I have always been intrigued by that unsure feeling 
if you are having a
 childhood memory or just remembering a photograph
of childhood.
like stories you have been told over and over again
that become part of your personal history.