And the Journey Goes On - Fez, Morocco

Chapter Three - It's all about the Food

I can't talk about Morocco without talking about the food.  It deserves its own blog post and delicious photos to go along.  My best friend Nina recently moved to Fez from Los Angeles and has become quite the local in just the two months that she's lived there.  I was lucky enough to experience the best of the best in the food department thanks to her knowledge and expertise on which bread vendors to visit, which fava bean soup stop we should hit, and which roof top dinner party to check out.  But not only did I get to experience eating out on the streets of Fez, I also got to experience what Moroccan home cooked meals are like.  Nina's housekeeper/nanny/superstar, Noura, cooked up a storm for us nearly everyday.  Fresh sardines, pasta with olive oil and herbs, beet salad and more - makes me hungry just typing all of it.  And, it didn't hurt that she made me coffee with milk and sugar every morning.  So dreamy.

A typical Moroccan breakfast.  A variety of breads, mint tea, coffee, and fresh orange juice.  This is my friend Nina hanging out at our friend's riad.

Hi, I love you.

The art of the mint tea pour

This is a bread called malawi (bottom) made with onion, cilantro and cayenne pepper

A meal cooked by Noura.  Holy cow.

Fava bean soup.  This is THE JAM.  It's typical street food but this spot in particular was known for theirs.  Pureed fava beans with olive oil, then you top with cayenne pepper, cumin, and salt.  They leave bread on your table for dipping.  So delish.

This photo does not do this bowl of couscous justice.  It's massive.  It's divine.  And it can be shared like this...

That's me on the far right having at it.  I'm not shy.

We stopped by a very well known antique shop in the medina and were invited to have lunch with the owner.  His wife had cooked up a fish tagine, eggplant with tomatoes, and a side of fava beans.  This was probably my favorite meal I had in Fez.

This is how tagines are cooked.  They sizzle in a clay pot!

So I might have been a little hungover when I stopped by this street food spot.  This lovely man cooked up fresh cut fries and potato fritters then topped it with an egg and some cheese, and then stuffed it inside bread with hot sauce. I know, most amazing hangover food EVER.  It was magical.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last of Morocco! - Joanna

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