All Journeys Must Come to An End - Fez, Morocco

Chapter Four - Until We Meet Again

One of the highlights of my trip to Fez was a trip to two villages right outside of the city.  Some friends of my best friend Nina took us on an hour long road trip through some serious rain, but it was so worth it.  I was especially taken with the village of Sefrou and the amazing cooperatives of women and artisans creating some seriously beautiful crafts.  I felt like a total foreigner because these villages do not receive many tourists so I definitely got the stare down, as my friend Cassi did while wearing her Chanel ballet flats in muddy terrain.  It was pretty hilarious if I say so myself.  Below, some photos of villages we ventured to.

A weaver's studio in Sefrou.  They weave some of the most beautiful wool blankets I've ever seen complete with stripes and pom poms at each corner.  Stunning!

All donkeys all the time

Selling fresh mint to make mint tea

Fell in LOVE with all of this colorful yarn hanging from a doorway

We visited a cooperative with various artisans.  This studio focused on ceramics, and that's one of the guys smoothing out the clay.

Hand painting cups that are about to be fired


Ceramics on display

The kindest, more adorable man making blankets all day long

This was a women's co-op that made necklaces made from caftan buttons.  Amazing.

Me (third from the left) and my crew with one of the women in the co-op

Leaving the beautiful village of Sefrou

I leave you with two photos of the magical city of Fez.  So much beauty and inspiration.

This wraps up my Moroccan adventure!  I hope you've all enjoyed some photos and words from my journey and I hope to meet you again after my next adventure in...Mexico City.

xo Joanna

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  1. Lovely pictures. Gotta love Morroco