We said K/LLER QUILLS, they said, yes they do.

What happens when forces of nature collide?...


They simultaneously combine to form a K/LLER jewelry collection that juxtaposes the dark and the sweet; the hard and the soft.  It's like cross-breeding the dangerous with the elite and the androgynous
with the exotic. What more could a woman want?... except radical pieces from  K/LLER that beautifully mends porcupine quills with drippings of welded metals, leathers and other oddities.

The magical masterminds behind the jewels, who I happen to have a slight crush on, is the duo Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller...Yes, it's true I do, they're like unicorns to me! In a way they almost complete each other... both magically rad in their own ways they mix together pure gypsy and dark knight, but in the most fierce, feminine of ways! 

So here's a sneak peak at what were about to be carrying in our store on good ol' Elizabeth Street!!!!


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