I was searching for ideas, concepts, anything visual to inspire me and ignite my imagination.... and Wow did I find it! We modern Gypsies at CV have been on this kick of Embracing Love in every way possible.... sounds cheesy, but it's true!
 So I stumbled upon this incredible site that literally almost took my breath away. 

It is ode to the gloriousness of all women in the universe. 
 Heroines, a website dedicated to the project of embracing women in their skin; our wholeness, our perfectly imperfect flaws and our courage to be exactly who we are beautifully. 
Heroines from everywhere can submit their stories and pictures of what it's like being them by showcasing everything that we are and are constantly becoming.

How R A D I C AL

(It's like sharing secrets and whispering them into the universe of infinite love)
self expression

 a celebration of embracing and acknowledging 
who we are right now.  

So this is what's inspiring us.... feast your eyes out because we are all so fierce! 
 As one of my old, dear friends once said to me, "We are forces to be reckoned with!" 

Hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week! 

now come visit us on Elizabeth Street!

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