Thorn Tree

I was walking down Thompson Street in NY a while back and I came across The Hat Shop.  I went in to inquire about these beautiful African bracelets for some Christmas presents and that's how I found out about the Thorn Tree Project. 

   The ladies at the Hat Shop sell the colorful beaded bracelets which are hand made by Kenyan women, and a part of the proceeds benefit education programs for children of nomadic Kenyan families.  Apparently, in 2001 when the Thorn Tree Project began, less than 3% of the children of Sereolipi, the northern area of Kenya, were attending school.  Thanks to the organization and others' involvement and donations, schools have been built, funding is provided and the number of children receiving education is steadily growing!  We purchased a few bracelets and were able to snag some postcards of stunning photography by Lyle Owerko.  Definitely check out the site, the bracelets are gorgeous and it's for such a good cause...

xo, Cynthia

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